“Chalk Would Be A Miracle!!”

During a stay at the Maasai Mara in March 2003, Richard Long visited the Mara Rianda Primary School. At the school he met head teacher Lawrence Bosire who proudly showed him around. The school had less than 250 pupils and the facilities provided to the pupils were very basic. In some rooms there were four pupils to a desk. All the text books were falling apart but were cherished by those using them.

Richard asked the head teacher what the school needed. He looked at him, pondered and then said, “If you mean by a miracle we need chalk, white chalk, coloured chalk, pens, pencils, rulers, exercise books …… “, and so he went on. His simple request shocked Richard: “Chalk would be a miracle”. Richard shared those words with many friends and colleagues and they became a by-line for fund raising to support the school.

The Charity supports the Mara Rianda Primary School and local community. It has amongst numerous other things, provided the provision of fresh water to two primary schools, funding the building of classroom blocks and a new school at Enkereri, another local village. It funds the supply of five teachers and has to date funded the secondary education for just under 100 students. None of this could have been achieved without the enormous support of our sponsors.

Elsewhere in the community it has funded the building of a maternity centre and also a medical centre with separate wards for men, women and children.

The Charity prides itself on not undertaking any fund raising activities, support comes voluntary from many people around the world who are touched by the needs of the community and wish to help.

All funds received are spent supporting the local community. Please note that no funds are used to meet any overheads or salaries in running the charity. The directors and trustees work without any remuneration or salary.

Below is the video of an interview taken with one of the students who was supported by The Mara Rianda Charitable Trust. The support she received was for her to complete her Secondary Education.

The various pages on this website show many of the things the
has undertaken through the generous support received


Here is the video of an interview taken with Susan, one of the students who was supported by The Mara Rianda Charitable Trust.  The support she received was for her to complete her secondary education.




Click to see an extract of a What The Future television programme showing some of the work at the school made by Warren Kimmel for CNBC television. This has been broadcast in numerous countries.




Following an extremely generous donation we have been able to fund the building of a dormitory for 80 girls at Enkereri Primary school.  A similar dormitory is also being built for the boys.

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