As most of the work the charity had supported was within the Mara Rianda community is was decided that we should give support to the area the other side of the Mara River which is known as Trans Mara.  Many pupils had been walking for up to two hours each way to Mara Rianda and when the river was very high the small bridge was impassable. A suitable small school was sought and Enkereri Primary School was found.  It is about a 20 minute drive from Little Governors’ Camp and sits on top of the escarpment.

In September 2011 Richard Long visited Enkereri Primary School.  It had out grown its existing building which was made in the traditional style of mud, dung and sticks.  The community desperately wanted to build another classroom but could not afford to do so.  The charity assisted by funding the building of a new classroom block of four classrooms and this was opened with much delight and celebration in February 2012. The evening before it opened there was a rainbow over the school !

During 2022 two very large dormitories were built for the girls and the boys housing 80 pupils in each and including toilets and showers. This was funded by a very generous donation from a donor.

Through generous support the charity has been able to fund the cost of providing each pupil with two school uniforms, shoes where needed, the financial support for two teachers and have a small kitchen and also latrines built.

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